Faroese Summer
Just a summer road trip discovering the beauty of this archipelago.

We've spend 10 days driving around, meeting family, eating traditional Faroese food, discovering awesome landscapes. We spend the first days in Torshavn, the capital, hosted by family. From there we started our little Roadtrips around the northern islands. The most remarkable trips on the northern island lead us to Kalsoy. I was very impressed by the lighthouse. We were so lucky to make it there almost without having any other people standing around there. 

Besides the northern islands we made a short trip to Suðuroy for a few days. We were hosted by family and had the chance to attend a traditional Faroese birthday party. Lots of songs and a lot of traditional food. If you ever get the chance by yourself don't hesitate to join!

I am so in love with the images I took on this trip. The weather is unpredictable and the country is so versatile and keeps looking different but always with very poetically.

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